Dr. Lee is a CEREC dentist that performs chairside restorations so that patients can have their damaged teeth restored quickly and beautifully. CEREC dentistry is a modern solution and as a Rowland Heights dentist, we are pleased to offer this technology to our patients. If you live in the 91748 area and need a dental restoration, call 626-965-0971 to schedule your appointment.

As a Cerec Dentist, we find that patients of all ages can benefit from having a same-day solution for restoring their damaged teeth. Our CEREC CAD/CAM system is based on modern computer, imaging and printing technology. When a patient visits our Rowland Heights dentist office, we examine them, determine what the issue is and if CEREC is the best way to treat it.

If so, we can use modern imaging technology to determine the exact size and shape that the dental veneer or dental crown should be created in. A special camera takes pictures of the tooth that needs to be restored; then those images are uploaded into our computer system. The software determines what the exact dimensions should be. It is connected to a milling device that is similar to a 3D printer. Using instructions created by the software, the new crown or veneer is created in our Rowland Heights dentist office in around two hours.

Benefits of CEREC Dentistry

As a California cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lee uses this technology to create a more positive dental experience for patients. If someone needs a restoration or wants dental veneers or crowns for cosmetic purposes, they generally have to wear a temporary crown or veneer for a couple of weeks. This requires several trips to the dentist. On the first visit, an impression is taken of a patient’s teeth so that the dental lab can create permanent crowns or veneers (the same thing that CEREC dentistry accomplishes in two hours). On this same appointment, a patient’s teeth are often prepared by having a portion of the enamel removed. Once this is done, a temporary crown or veneer is secured to the tooth using water-based glue. A second appointment is required to remove the temporaries and bond the permanent restorations in place.

As a general dentist, Dr. Lee can perform a restoration the traditional way but prefers to use CEREC dentistry because it is more convenient for patients. Instead of needing to come back at least twice, the same restoration can be completed in one visit. The dental veneer or crown will look natural and beautiful while matching the surrounding teeth. It will be as durable as if it were created in a dental lab, so the only difference is that it is created the same day, while you wait. This technology also makes it easier to complete any adjustments, if necessary.

As an emergency dentist office, we find that our patients prefer CEREC dentistry because they can come in with a cracked or chipped tooth and leave with a tooth that looks natural and feels amazing. This technology is perfect for those with a busy schedule that can’t afford to take time to visit the dentist more than once.

Since veneers and crowns can be made in the same day, this solution is also perfect for those that want to improve the appearance of their teeth for a special event like a wedding. You can also have a teeth whitening procedure completed on the same day in order to finish the transformation. These restorations are metal-free, natural looking and beautiful. If you need to replace a tooth we also offer dental implants.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment with our family dentist office call 626-965-0971. The Plaza Dental Group dentist office is conveniently located at 17515 Colima Rd Ste C, City of Industry, CA 91748, and we are currently accepting new patients.