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Phillip L.

5 Stars
Wow, what a beautiful dentist office in Rowland Heights. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Plaza dental. They have state of the art equipment and very friendly staff. Keep up the good work. If you are looking for a Dentist in City of Industry or Rowland Heights area look no further. Give Plaza Dental Group a call.

Jen T.
Hacienda Heights, CA

5 Stars. Came here based on a Yelp search and the reviews. I was greeted with excellent customer service and dental work. I am due back in January and I'm extremely happy with this place.

Tommy W.
Anaheim, CA

5 Stars
Referred by Yelp and the Yelper's reviews. BEST Dentist Ever!!! Staff and Doctors are all wonderful and helpful. Wish i knew this place sooner. Dr.Lee is a very straight shooter. 20+ years of knowledge is the man reason, i choose this place.
My teeth required lots of work, i am glad i found this place...of course it is a on going process and i will not hesitate to referred Plaza dental groups to all my friends and family.

Hion L.
Anaheim, CA

5 Stars
I think I may possibly hold the record for having been a patient of Dr Lee the longest, with maybe the exception of his own children. He has been my dentist for over 30 years. During this time I have been to other dentists as I have gone through college and lived in other cities. I can honestly say that Dr Lee is the best of them. His practice is a shoot straight style and no frills, no nonsense. Here is why I like Dr Lee so much:

  • I am not forced to watch annoying videos trying to sell me the latest technology in maintaining my teeth
  • I am not asked if I would like a beverage as I am waiting
  • There is no bubblegum pre-shot anesthetic.
  • Each room is private, and there is no group love common practice area.
  • No upsell.
  • Appointments are kept within a reasonable amount of time - why other dentists make you wait an hour in their waiting room is beyond my comprehension
  • He is fast and quick
  • He doesn't use training fellows so you are not faced with a new dentist year after year.

All of the above factors translate into low cost and great service. His front desk is extremely courteous and professional. He has one of the best hygienists around. So good in fact, that she is often booked 8 months out in advance. There is a sense of comfort visiting a dentist who has seen you for a few decades. He knows your history and understands the degree of service and quality of care necessary to keep you so long as a patient. The additional level of comfort also helps to ease some of the jitters of seeing a dentist. I have never felt uncomfortable seeing a dentist, and most of that was due to the fact that I had been seeing the same one for so long.
I am equally ecstatic that his daughter, Kerry, has followed in his footsteps and is now starting to take over his practice. She is just as patient care driven and has a level of finesse uncharacteristic of someone in practice less than 20 years. She is also cognizant of the fact that this practice is the lifeblood of their family, and more than just put her through her schooling. I am certain that she will continue the tradition of dedication to her patients.
So if you want a foo-foo spa-like experience you can go to other dentists. But if you want someone who will be there year-in year-out and charge a fair price for only what you really need, you should definitely look into coming here.

Kathleen V.
Irvine, CA

5 Stars
I've been visiting both Dr. Lee's for as long as I can remember. Dr. Young Lee was my childhood dentist. I also started seeing Dr. Kerry Lee when I got older and I am thrilled with both!
Their staff is amazing, the dentists are competent and professional, plus they've never tried to "oversell" us on services. I saw another dentist when I moved who tried to get me to prepay for TONS of dental work while I was in still in the chair. This has never once happened at Plaza Dental Group and I am confident that they have helped me to maintain some amazing teeth.
I live and work much farther away now, but will always make it a point to see them when I am back in town during the week.

Spencer B.
Diamond Bar, CA

5 Stars
Finding a good, honest dentist is as hard as like trying to find a mechanic these days (thank goodness for yelp) My wife has DeltaPMI (HMO) and I have Delta Dental PPO and Dr. Lee's office works with both. We went thru 3 dentists before we finally found Dr. Lee, recommended from friends. 2 of them were the fancy office, shady/scheisty over diagnosing types (you know, the ones that tell you that you need ongoing perio maintenance or tell you that find a bunch of issues and overtreat). The 3rd was a nice guy with a more modest looking office but it would take an eternity (seriously, 1.5 hours in waiting room, then another 45min waiting in the chair) to get finished because he overbooked.
This place is awesome. Very effiicient (I've never waited more than a few min in the waiting room) and the staff is quite honest and frank. My wife is terrified by dentists, but Dr. Lee is firm, yet comforting. She had a recent issue where one of her veneers popped off and they squeezed her in same day. A less honest dentist would've told her that her veneer would need to be replaced, but he looked at it and told her that it was undamaged and he could reattach it, and made sure to prep the tooth properly for the repair. Lastly, their admin staff are capable (unlike most) of clearly explaining billing and what the insurance (we have 2 policies) covers and at what % and what it doesn't.